Airsoft like you've never seen it before ...





What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is a strategy and military simulation game realized outdoors or on proper enclosures. In this game are used weapons replicas powered by gas, springs or electric batteries. Different abilities as strategy, tactics, simulation, sport shooting or orientation are practiced in a hobby that is based basically in teamwork, raising the values of friendship, respect and environment care. This is, before anything else, a sport based in feelings where rules the sportsmanship and most of all, the honor.

Who are we?

In 2008, a group of friends decided to establish an association to enjoy a new game that they tried nd discovered years before.

With the denomination ASHACAR (SHACARA* in English), the association was formed in March ’08, where it based the Statements and regulates their activities, conform with the Laws 7/19977 18 June of Associations (DOGC 2423 1 July), Law 1/2002 22 March Regulations on associations rights (BOE num.73 26 March).

*Shadow Hunters Assault Command Airsoft Reus Association

The purpose of our association is:

  • To provide ways and infrastructure necessaries (with a regional scope) to people and other teams interested to practice airsoft activities.
  • To promote all kind of cultural activities linked directly or indirectly with airsoft. In this scope, training days and formation sessions are included.
  • To act as guardian of the organization of competitions and events (from regional scope to national scope, based in the international organisms that rules regulations).
  • Spread the Airsoft world to everyone interested



Airsoft is not only shooting, also physical and mental abilities are put to test. To prepare us, we regulary do training sessions to perform and enhance our phisical and psychological condition, as well as to learn and put in practice different kinds of tactics in conventional combat or urban combats.


The most common game style. Short duration (about 4-5 hours). The game usually develops quickly. Simply and fun. Perfect to de-stress for a tough working week. Laugh in good company and empty the magazines as if there was no tomorrow. Ideal for beginners or people who want to have a first contact in airsoft.


Military Simulation 100%. Events that usually last minimum for 24h put to test the physical and mental abilities of each one (and the entire team itself) to the limit. The rules of these events are directed to simulate more real-life a military conflict. It is normal to play with limited amount of BB’s on magazines (Low Capacity or Mid Capacity magazines). Ranks and roles more defined and continued action in the entire event. i.e. during a rest, provisioning and nocturnal hours, the event do not stops. That make them a very realistic and attractive way to play for well-prepared teams.


In this kind of events participates a big amount of players (100 or more). Usually contains an elaborated story, props according to the theme and can last from one day to a whole weekend. The planification of this type of event is quite complex and organizing teams usually does one or two Big Events by year. One of the most attractive aspects of these kind of game is that the players can decide the continuation of the story in the next event by theis success or failure on their missions. There are also beneficial events, where the participants contribute on their possibilities with NGO’s or social causes.


Can you imagine participating in an event where you not only play airsoft, but you also immerse yourself in a world scripted, with theme-dressed actors and custom props where you will be able to interact in different ways with the environment and the game development? Events like STALKER (our flagship), introduces the player to the world of the classic videogame based on the post-apocalyptic world after the Chernobyl incident.


We are not only an airsoft team. We are a little big family that likes to enjoy all kinds of experiences.

Milsim 85%
Simrol 95%
Poser 75%